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About Atlantic MetaClad

Who We Are

Atlantic MetaClad is based in Moncton, New Brunswick, and serves the Atlantic region.

We routinely work with building managers, architects and engineers to develop roofing solutions appropriate for each job. We offer a variety of services to our clients and have developed a strong reputation for integrity and quality.

Commitment to Building a Safety Oriented Workforce

The following measures of success are beliefs that management and employees share to foster our positive, proactive and continually improving Health, Safety & Environmental program:

  • That all accidents/incidents are preventable
  • Safety is a shared responsibility between management and employees
  • Preventing accidents is good business
  • Working safely is a condition of employment with our company

To ensure a safe workplace, our Health & Safety program has met the critical qualifications “Certificate of Recognition” (COR) programs in all provinces in which we do business.

Atlantic MetaClad performs comprehensive pre-job risk assessments at all worksites to ensure all hazards are identified and reported. A plan is then undertaken to either eliminate the hazard or take the protective measures necessary to prevent the possibility of injury or property loss.

Atlantic MetaClad verifies the training of all our employees and contractors to ensure they are trained in the necessary areas of construction safety. All new-hires undergo mandatory orientation and safety training.

Our Employees attend weekly workplace safety meetings, we undertake worksite inspections and regular worksite safety audits to ensure that we deliver in maintaining a safe workplace and providing customers with the highest safety standards in the industry from the beginning to end of the project.

Quality Construction

To us, quality construction means delivering a superior product and working in a professional, cost-effective manner. Our approach is straightforward, our workmanship is exemplary, and we complete every job in a timely fashion.

Our Proven Process

Client Introduction

  • Understand client Portfolio
  • New and existing clients

Gather Information

  • Order plans 6: specifications (if any)
  • Visit site (if existing building)
  • Cut test
  • Measurements
  • Identify staging area

Submit Solution & Quotations

  • Quotation as per plans 6: specifications
  • Solutions proposed to meet clients budget, site specific requirements and expected longevity

Execute Project

  • Receive PO or execute contract
  • Submit shop drawings
  • Order materials
  • Accept onsite delivery
  • Material installation
  • Quality control by us

Deliver Project

  • Deliver Guaranty/Warranty
  • Deliver maintenance program
  • Project information available to our client on our roof database


Staff Development

Our company’s success is based on the excellent staff we work with. Our highly skilled team are knowledgeable regarding all types of Architectural Metals Systems, which is reflected in the quality of our work.

The value we place on our people has resulted in one of the best employee retention rates in the industry. We want to be sure that all of our staff are reliable, efficient, and are using the most recent tools and technologies to create the best product.

Safety Manual

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are our set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us as a group of people function together as a team and work toward a common business goal.

  • Team Player– An individual that works toward a shared goal, understands their role in the team’s successes and challenges
  • Integrity – Encapsulates the quality of being honest and having strong moral values!
  • Accountability – Taking ownership for the quality and success of the outcome of your work

Our experience runs the gamut of Architectural Metals Systems, and our constant investigation, application, and testing of new technologies and continual upgrading of our crews’ knowledge makes Atlantic MetaClad the choice cladder/roofer in Atlantic Canada.

Our cost-effective solutions are timelined and completed on schedule. We use the best materials for the job and industry best practice installation procedures. Whether it is a building improvement, remodel, or ground-up construction, we make every effort to engineer value and savings into every job.

Personal Service

We are committed to excellence in all we do by promising unparalleled service, product knowledge, and installation expertise.

Senior and executive management make personal contact at every job site on a regular basis, making sure the construction is meeting our high standards and that our client’s needs are being met.

Our Affiliates